Sourcing Truth is

Our Mission

A true investigator has to be able to extract the truth from a person even if they are non-compliant. Homicide investigations, as so prominently featured on Crime TV Shows, often make investigations seem simple. In a homicide people are jumping out a window to tell you what you saw, however in a gang investigation the very opposite is true. Enter Vincent Ramirez. An adroit, skillful and master investigator serving with the LA County Sheriff’s Department for 35 years (25 as a Detective). He is able to ascertain truth from a subject by use of vocal tonality, rapport building, mannerisms and personality.

Former LA County Sheriff Detective

Having served with the LA County Sheriff’s Department for over 35 years (25 years as a detective). A cost control specialists ensuring you pay for a quality, efficient investigation without unnecessary expenses.

Meet Your Investigator,

Vincent Ramirez

License #27774

Career Highlights:

  • 35 years with the LA County Sheriff’s Department
  • 25 years as a Detective
  • Worked in the early days of terrorism following 1984 LA Olympics
  • Interviewed thousands of people during career as an investigator
  • Assigned to Special Task Forces
  • Highest position served: Lieutenant

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